May 11, 2012

SBI Mobile Banking Complete Guide


         What is SBI FreedoM?

           SBI FreedoM is a Mobile Banking Service provided by the Bank. It helps you to  do                       Following Bank transactions:
        • Balance Enquiry of accounts enabled for Mobile Banking
        • Mini statement (last five transactions) of your accounts enabled for mobile bankingservices
        • Fund transfer within the Bank from one account to another
        • Fund transfer to accounts of other banks using NEFT scheme of RBI.
        • Cheque book request
        • Mobile Top Up
        • Utility Bills payment
        • Payment of premium on SBI Life policies

How to Download SBI Mobile Banking Application to your Mobile Handset

STEP I: Downloading the Mobile Banking Application from website

  1. On the website click on Mobile Banking under Services. Click on ‘Download Mobile Banking Application’. You will be directed to a site for downloading the application.

  2. Choose your mobile make from the drop down options on the left side and then select your mobile model from the list displayed.

  3. You will get two options (i) Download application to PC (ii) Download application to mobile.

  4. If you have GPRS connectivity, choose the second option. You will receive a WAP link over SMS. You can download the application by clicking on the link.

  5. If you do not have GPRS connectivity, choose the first option to download the application to PC/laptop.

  6. The mobile banking application which is compatible with the model chosen by you will be saved on your PC.

               7.  Install  The Sbi Freedom Application In your Mobile

How to Register for “SBI Freedom” Mobile Banking Service

After Installation of  The application, The registration process for Mobile Banking Service consists of two processes : (i) Over mobile handset  (ii) At SBI ATM or at branch

Process over mobile handset

Step I

Send a SMS to 567676 (e.g.MBSREG Nokia 6600). You will get a User ID, default MPIN and a link by SMS which can be used to download the application if you have GPRS connectivity. If you have a non-java mobile phone with GPRS connection, you can use the Mobile Banking Service over WAP (explained under “WAP based Mobile Banking Service”). If you have a non java mobile phone without GPRS connection, you can use Mobile Banking Service over USSD which will be introduced by the Bank shortly.

Step III

After installation of the application, please login using the User ID received in the SMS. The User ID is case sensitive and has to be entered as received over SMS.

After opening the mobile banking application, you will be prompted to change the MPIN. If not prompted, please select “Settings” from Main Menu and choose “Change MPIN”. The default MPIN has to be entered in the “old MPIN” and a new MPIN of your choice (6 digits) in the “new MPIN” which has to be confirmed by entering the new MPIN once again in “Confirm new MPIN”. Send the request. You will receive the confirmation of change in MPIN over SMS.


Process at branch or SBI ATM

After registered in your mobile, how do I activate it in order to access my


You have to activate your account at any SBI ATM or your branch. At ATM > Swipe your

Debit card > choose Services > enter your ATM PIN > select Mobile Banking > Register > enter your

mobile number > confirm the same. You will get a SMS regarding activation of your account after a day, yo can operate your mobile baking

For using WAP based Mobile Banking Service

The service will be available over all mobile phones (java / non java) which have GPRS connectivity for GSM users or data connectivity for CDMA users.

The registration process will be the same as for application based service i.e. in two phases – over mobile phone followed by process at ATM or branch.

The process over mobile phone, though essentially same as detailed above, will be done through the Browser of the mobile phone. The procedure is described below:

  1. Send a SMS to 567676 (e.g.MBSREG Nokia 6600).

  2. User ID and default MPIN will be received over SMS

  3. Open the browser of the mobile phone

  4. Enter the following address -

  5. A screen will be displayed asking for Login id and Pin.

  6. Enter the User ID and the default MPIN in the respective fields and select ‘Login’.

  7. The next screen will ask for WAP login id which will be received over SMS.

  8. Enter this WAP login id in the browser screen. If the mobile phone does not facilitate accessing the Inbox while using another screen, the user will have to exit the browser and then open the inbox to access the SMS having the WAP login id. The user will open the browser again and follow the procedure detailed above to enter the Login id and default MPIN. The next screen will ask for WAP Login id. Enter the number received over SMS and select ‘Send’.

  9. If details entered are correct, the next screen with the Main Menu of the Mobile Banking Service will be displayed.

  10. Change the default MPIN by selecting “Settings” from Main Menu and choosing “Change MPIN”. The default MPIN has to be entered in the “old MPIN” and a new MPIN of your choice (6 digits) in the “new MPIN” which has to be confirmed by entering the new MPIN once again in “Confirm new MPIN” and submit.

  11. Confirmation regarding successful change in MPIN and validation will be received over SMS and also displayed on the screen.

  12. Complete the registration process by registering at Home branch of your account or at SBI ATM as described above under “Process at branch or SBI ATM”


What kind of fund transfer can I do in mobile banking service?
You can do three types of transactions:
a) Transfer to Self-accounts
b) Transfer to other accounts in SBI branches
c) Transfer to accounts in other banks

What are self-accounts?
Self-accounts are your accounts that have been enabled for Mobile Banking Service.
How can I transfer funds to account in another branch of SBI? Can I transfer funds to my own accounts

with different branches?
Yes, you can. Please register the required accounts as Payee under “Funds Transfer – Register Payee”.
Then you can transfer funds to these accounts. Please refer to the User Guide.

Why do I need to register the accounts for sending money?
The funds can only be transferred to pre-registered payees. This is to increase the security of the mobile
banking application and is a one-time exercise.

What is IFS code and how do I find out IFS code of non-SBI branch?
IFS code is an alpha numeric code –a unique identification number given by RBI, printed on the face of cheque book. also yo can search through internet

What do you mean by Non- SBI payee? Why do I have to give so much detail for registering a Non- SBI payee?
Non- SBI payee is an account, which is maintained by another bank. The money is transferred to
accounts with other bank by using NEFT and all the information asked for is mandatory for such transfer of funds.

Do I have to enter full address of the payee for Non SBI payee?
No, you need not. You can give the bare details of the payee’s address.

Why do I have to give branch code for registering SBI Payee?
This is used to ensure that funds are transferred to correct account number. This is mandatory.

How do I get branch code?
You can get it from the passbook/ chequebook for the concerned account. If that is not readily available,
then you can get the information from the Bank’s website

Why do I have to enter maximum limit for every payee that I register?
This is to ensure that you do not, send more than the stipulate amount to the payee by mistake. Your
mobile handset will prompt you if you enter more than the maximum limit for any fund transfer.

I have entered a maximum limit of Rs.xxxx for one payee. Can I change it later?
Yes, you can. Go to ‘Settings’ select ‘Manage Payee’. From the option button, choose ‘View Details’.
Choose ‘Edit’ from the Options and change the limit.
When I changed the maximum limit for a payee I was not asked to enter the MPIN or to confirm the

sending of the SMS. Why?
The maximum limit for a payee is maintained by the mobile banking application on the handset. This is
to ensure that you don’t enter an amount more than the limit set by you.

When I viewed the details of a payee that I had registered I found that the account number was
jumbled. What do I do?
You may have sent a wrong account number for registration. Please delete the payee and send the
details for registration again.

How long will it take to transfer a fund?
· If it is an intra bank transfer (SBI to SBI), it will be done immediately.
· If it is an inter- bank transfer (SBI to any other bank), it will follow NEFT settlement, e.g. if it is done
before 4pm, settlement will be done on the same day and if it is beyond 4pm then settlement will
be done on the next day.

Does it cost anything?
No, this service is brought to you by SBI free of cost. Als o, since you are using the text messaging service
from your mobile phone, you do not incur any airtime charges in making a phone call from your mobile
phone. However, the Cellula r Service Provider will levy a charge for the SMS facility (Rs. 3 per SMS). 


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